If you're going to climb Mt. Fuji. Mt. FUJI app

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Offline Hiking Map and Navigation

What is the Mt. Fuji app?


Mt. Fuji App is a trail map application specially designed for climbing Mt.Fuji. You can check your current location with GPS even in the mountains where there is no cell phone signal.

Mt. Fuji app will make your Mt. Fuji experience
the best it's ever been.

Route selection screen

Choose a route and Start climbing!

Just select one of the four main climbing routes and start.

Climbing screen

You can climb while checking your current location!

You can check your climbing route and current location offline.
It notifies you of the wrong way by voice and vibration, so you will never get lost.

Estimated transit time screen

You will know how far to the destination!

You can see the estimated arrival time to each point according to your walking pace.

Huts information screen

You can check the huts' information!

From the list of mountain huts, you can easily check the phone numbers and websites.

Climbing certificate screen

Get a climbing certificate of Mt.Fuji summit.

You can get your own mountain climbing certificate with your photos or maps. Then you can share it on SNS.

Mt. FUJI app
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